Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Proposal!

Gaahhhh!! So its true! I am officially engaged! To be married! Just to clear that up :)
I am fortunate enough to be engaged to the love of my life Thomas Daniel Laurie, and literally could not be a happier girl right now. Just a preface to this post, I am super cheesy and will probably cheese y'all right out by the end of this, but hey, what can ya do? I mean it :) I've said it before and I'll say it again and say it for the rest of eternity, I don't know what I could have possibly done to deserve him.

Sooo Tom and I have been dating for almost 8 months now! I know, forever right? From the moment we met to the day we got engaged Tom has done everything he can to show me how much he cares about me and us. It has come off as super cheesy, of course, but I love it!! We met at church, one day last fall I was speaking in church and Tom says "I knew you were different from the moment I saw you talking in church that day, when I knew you were nervous because you were red and blotchy". Cute right? What a way to get a man, break out in nervous hives. Try it! The men cannot resist it.

One thing led to another and 7 months later he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I have pictured this moment in my mind probably a million times since I was a young teenager, and it still couldn't have prepared me for that day and how I would feel.

Ok! So Tom works in Calgary for the summer, and he works 6 days a week. Which means I only see him, if I'm lucky, one day a week. Late Saturday nights after he's off work, around 1030pm, Tom drives the drive from Calgary to Edmonton in the middle of the night just to see me for 24 hours. That's love, am I right?? So sweet. Anyway, he is super dedicated to his job as well, so when he told me he took 3 days off to take me to Cherry Grove to visit his family there, I should have clued in something was up. It was the Canada day long weekend when we drove up to Cherry Grove on the Sunday afternoon to spend a few days there. Sunday night he took me to the marina to watch the fireworks. Monday he spend time in the morning working with his dad and brother and uncle on the house his parents had just built and moved into. Monday we got to hang out with his family and just have a nice time. On Tuesday morning I woke up and Tom's mom tells me Tom's out working with his dad and brother again, and he'll be back later. Didn't think anything of it! That day it was pouring rain all day long. And when I say pouring I mean torrential down pour, power went off, flooding of the back yard, etc. So we had a pretty chill day inside, just enjoying not doing anything. My favorite kind of day! After dinner time, whilst sitting around the living room with Tom's parents and ourselves, Tom's mom says, "hey Tom! Remember those time capsules you kids used to bury up at look out point?" (Look out point being this beautiful look out on this hill in Cherry Grove overlooking all the trees and stuff). Tom says yeah! Let's go looking! So as I said, it was pouring rain and this look out point is like a 20 min quad ride thru the mud! By the time we get to hill we are covered head to toe in mud and soaking wet! Tom has his metal detector and shovels and is ready to go! We are going to find these time capsules!!

After about half hour of digging in various spots where the metal detector would beep, we had no luck. I was getting discouraged and eventually just said Tom! We are not going to find anything lets just go home. He of course persists and says just try one more spot! Look right here! The dirt looks different. So begrudgingly I come over to the "different" dirt just to make Tom happy, and start to dig. As soon as I put the shovel into the dirt I hear a thump. No way. "We found it!" is what I yelled after looking at Tom in disbelief! Out of all these people coming up here to find these time capsules we found them?! So I, at this point, have started screaming "we found it we found it!" while digging my little heart out with the shovel. When I couldn't get anymore dirt out of around this wooden box I am now on my hand and knees scraping thru the dirt with my hands. I can only imagine how I looked at this point.. Finally getting the wooden box out I am elated! I'm laughing and screaming while sitting in the dirt pile holding this box! Tom says something like well dump it out! As I do that, all this dirt falls out and then a single folded piece of paper... oh. This is definitely not a time capsule. At this point I am realizing this is definitely a cheesy Tom thing, and not a time capsule. Tom and I sit down on the hill and I read this love letter he had written me, and it was perfect. And believe it or not  I STILL didn't realize he was going to propose! After I read the letter, as we are sitting next to each other on this hill suddenly Tom is saying something, then I hear "so I have a question to ask you". At this point for some reason I jump up onto my feet and am just staring at him with my hand over my mouth not really hearing what he is saying. He is reaching his had into he coat pocket as he's talking and then he's suddenly on one knee in front of me and saying "will you marry me".

The rest is all a blur, apparently I squealed for a while and laughed then cried. Said yes somewhere in there. Then I turned around and yelled over all the trees "I'M ENGAGED!!!" They appreciated that.

And so the wedding plans began! Date is set for September 14th, yes, 2012. Not 2014, as I get asked frequently when I tell someone Sept. 14.

So Tom, buckle up! We are in for a wild ride! It's too late to back out now, you are stuck with me! Yippee :)