Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas in Harlingen!!

Yayyyy!!! 2 DAYS UNTIL I GO HOME TO CANADA FOR A WHOLE MONTH!! I cannot wait I cannot wait I CANNOT WAIT!! These past few weeks have been jam packed with lots of stuff, and this semester is finally coming to a close! I write a final today, in like, half and hour, and then my last final is on Wednesday morning, and then my flight home is immediately after that:) I waste NO time! This past weekend we really got into the Christmas spirit and and LOVE it!! Ok, so as most of you know, I am Miss TSTC, and lets just say this comes with its ups and downs... but this weekend was probably the best part so far!! I got the opportunity to be the queen in the Harlingen Christmas day Parade!! I was THEE queen!! I got to ride through the parade on top of a 2010 convertible corvette (which most people would go woooooooo sweeeeeeeeet, but I am clueless when it comes to anything car related. All I know was that it was pretty and it color coordinated with my outfit!)

So this happened Friday night! Maryn to the liberty of taking pictures throughout the whole process, starting with literally the second I stepped out of the shower.
 Just doing the hair and the make-up!
It is a pretty big process..
Finding an outfit..

Ready to roll people! Got my sash 'n all!
It's too heavy... :(
This is Mr. TSTC and I

Kind of blurry and dark.. but you get the idea.

So ya! This was a super cool night and experience and I was a lot of fun!! K, funniest story! Well, no, k, wait, First! It was so cool to ride through the packed streets of downtown Harlingen and have all the people see you, and immediately start copying your "queen wave" hahah sooo cute!! All the little girls wide eyed and yelling at you, "Merry Christmas Queen!!" haha "I love your crown queen!" Hahaha gosh, so adorable. My cheeks were so dead by the end of the parade I could not smile anymore! It seemed like a very long night, being at the parade by 5, and it didn't start until 7. We were seated on the car with our crowns on ready to roll at like, 6:45pm and we literally did not move an inch until 8:15, and the parade didn't end till like, 9:30, so needless to say, I had a very huge head ache, and a literal dent in my head from the crown! But, it was all worth it :)

Ok, so the funniest part of the whole night happened near the beginning of the parade! We had just barely begun driving down Jackson Street, and there was this one group of guys clustered on one corner of the block, and I didn't really take too much notice to them. I was just doing my thang, waving and smiling at the kids, when I hear one of the guys from the aforementioned group say, "Hey guys... guys! That's Taylor Swift!" I kind if chuckle to myself, thinking, "Ha! What a looser. You think THEE T-Swift would be on a Christmas parade float in Harlingen, Texas?" So I ignore them, and I keep waving and smiling, when I see out of the corner of my eye a mom who was standing near this group of guys look, over at me, then at the guys, then a me again, and then she shouts, "TAYLOR!! That's Taylor Swift?! Taylor, Taylor!! I NEED A PICTURE! Just ONE picture!!" As she's yelling this at me shes chasing my car down the street snapping her camera.So as this is going on, the group of guys are hearing and seeing this, and start yelling "TAYLOR! TAYLOR! It's Taylor Swift!!" So, just for fun, I turn to them, and give my biggest smile and wave to them. They went NUTS! Like, LOST it!! There leaping in the air and shouting to each other and at me, "TAYLOR!! We love you Taylor!! WE LOVEEEE YOOOOUU!!!" And as they are loosing their minds with excitement, that same mom pop's into my rear view site again and is still yelling.."I just need ONE picture Taylor! Just one!" HAHAHA So outrageous!  Good times :)

Alright! So that was Friday night, and then Saturday afternoon was our Christmas Day Party!! We had some people over for making gingerbread houses, which we made into a competition! We had lots of candy and food and music, and it was just a lovely afternoon!
We made a pretty decent mess :)
Our gingerbread village!!
Mine and Maryn's houses! Santa's cottage and his neighbor the Grinch! Note the skating rink in the backyard with baby gummy bear's skating away! F.Y.I we totally won the competition ;)
We may or may not have had more icing on each other than on the houses.. oops!

I love a good gingerbread house making day! And I can't wait to be home to do all the other Christmas festivities!! xxoo