Thursday, January 20, 2011

Overdue Update

OK well! It has indeed been a little too long since my last post, which, I assumed would happen eventually! But!! Still, I vow to try and be more diligent in posting my boring, day to day events on the world wide web. Odd goal I suppose.

Well, today is Thursday January 20, (which is also my big bro's burrrrrday! Shout out to you Braden! ;) ) It's been an extremely lazy day in which I do not feel guilty for! After lounging about, I attended clinic, but had a no-show patient so I enjoyed a waste of 3 hours with many other of my fellow students. Today was the evening of no-show patients, it was weird. I think the most productive thing I did today, other than painting my toe-nails... no, wait. I didn't even do that. I stopped at taking off the old nail polish. Hm. Anywhooo, most productive thing I did was I registered and got all signed up for my American board exam! All ready to roll! Minus the being ready for it part. March 14th is the day. And that is coming up fast! Ugggh I am the WORST study-er, for sure for sure. Which will surely be my down fall. Oh well! Musn't dwell on the negatives, that will get us no where!

Well I have been back in good ole Harlingen for 2 weeks, and I am just getting back into the swing of things. For some reason it feels like I am already behind and continuously trying to catch up, and we're only 2 weeks in. It's silly, because class wise, this is supposed to be the least stressful semester because all time is focused on preparing for boards. Sigh. Oh well. There is now a HUGE light at the end of the tunnel so that makes things a little easier!? More do-able. Great.

I'll just tell y'all a quick overview of my Christmas break! Which was fabulous. Being home is always so lovely. I loved coming home to the snow and chilly, fresh air. There is nothing that could take the place of the picture perfect image of fresh, gigantic snow flakes falling to the ground and landing on heaps of white snow mounds!! So sparkly. So great. So I indeed had a lot of skating time and grandma and grandpas house. Personal fave.
She is a great little skater! I had some pee-your-pants funny moments while skating with little Avery and Teigan! Like, so adorable and cute! 
This is one of my all time favorite picture from the holiday season! I love my grandpa! Always there to lend a helping hand...literally!
So I got to spend a lot of time with my family, but also with my girls! And I will confess, as much as I LOVE my lovely ladies..this is my favorite thing... "Hey Kaitlin! Wanna hang out tonight!?" "Ya sure!!" "Ok great! We're totally gunna have a girls night!!" ...Ya... well, I am SICK of girls nights! That's all I ever have is "girls night", and let me tell ya... THEY GET OLD. Haha jokes jokes. Sorta. I do love girls nights, but I also miss hanging out with a mixed crowd. I miss the male influence in our social lives. Haha So that makes it nice to come home and have somewhat of a social life! Christmas was lovely, of course, and there was lots of good times and good food! New years was also a blast!! I went down to Waterton for a New Years bash and it was a blast! Good times. Actually! Yes it was good times, but it was also SO COLD!! Like, I've lived in Edmonton my whole 19 years of life, and I've experienced some cold days, but this was literally unbearable! The cold whipping wind felt like it was slapping me in the face! Took your breath away.. But we played out in the snow for a large portion of the day, and then got to warmed up by having a dance party at the Town Hall. Haha yay! So neat.

The very last week of being home I came down with something, a flu of sorts, and it wiped me out for the remainder of my time home. I was a fever-ey, shaking, chills, death-chest congestion/cough-runny nose-nauseous mess. Ya. I was a real treat. Not my best of days :) I also had very leaky eyes. I won't say I cried for 4 days straight, but everything made my eyes leak. It was super annoying. So, that was how I wrapped up my last moments in Canada, laying in my bed, sipping Neo-Citran (which is secretly only useful to knock a person out so they can sleep) and blowing through an entire box of Kleenex. No pun intended. I seriously felt so awful for the poor people who had to sit beside me on my flights back to HRL... I was not the ideal neighbor. Hahah picture this! A leaky, sneezy, blowing nose, hacking out my lungs mess, and to top it off! My entire flight plan was delayed because, get this..THEY COULDN'T SHUT THE PLANE DOOR! Never heard of such a reason to delay a flight. We sat in the tiny hop-a-long plane for an hour as the door- knob stewardess took her flight attendant kettle and poored boiling water on the built up ice on the door to try and melt it off. Worst. Idea. Ever. Then we had some maintenance guys attempting to remove the ice with huge blow dryers and such. It was absolutely ridiculous. So this minor set back made me later for my next connecting flight out of Calgary, but thanks to the weather there my next flight was delayed an hour too!! So I did make it onto my connection and eventually made it here! It didn't help that the turbulence was awful and I almost had to use the little puke bags they provide for you! Gosh I hate flying.Yuck. I seriously have so much to say about airports and air planes that that will have to be saved for another entry.

Alright, I should go to bed and rest up for my big day tomorrow! Only one class! Speech.. What a waste of a class. Tomorrow I also have my Miss TSTC photo shoot for like, the farewell pictures they hang on the wall of fame. I bought a new dress. What an idiot. To spend money on something like this... but. Oh well. Stuff like this only happens once in a blue moon. Might as well make the best of it!